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BVP Intern Honour Roll

Where did they go?

1. Wendy Nekel- Private Practice, Western Australia.
2. Virginia Brosnan- Private Practice, Victoria.                                                 
3. Ina Abidin- Private Practice, Western Australia.                                                               
4. Tamsin Dewé- Studying MVSc at Royal Veterinary College, London.
5. Debbie Grull- Private Practice, Tasmania.                                             
6. Sian English- Private Practice, England.
7. Ruth Elphinstone- Associate at BVP/ Private Practice South Australia.                                                    
8. Alex Davis- Hong Kong Jockey Club/ Surgical Resident BVP.
9. Morgan Weber- Private Practice, Western Australia.                                                         
10. Ciaran Gobl- Private Practice, Ireland.  
11. Anne Maastricht- Private Practice, Victoria.
12. Kayleigh Baker- Private Practice, England.
13. Annemarie Farrington- Private Practice, Ireland.
14. Kate Chambers- Private Practice, Victoria.
15. Rachel O'Higgins- Private Practice, South Australia/ New South Wales.
16. Elise Parkinson- Private Practice, England.
17. Sarah Allen- Racetrack Practice, Melbourne, Victoria.
2015 Alex Tapp- Private Practice, Werribee, Victoria.
2016 Molly Allen- Associate/anaesthetist at BVP/ Residency in Anaesthesia in US.
2016 Meredith Jarman- Racetrack Practice, Gold Coast, QLD.
2017 Nicola Lynch- BVP associate, Resident in surgery at University of London.
2018 Rachel Warren- Private Practice, UK.