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The equine surgery internship at Ballarat Veterinary Practice runs for a period of 18 months. During this time the intern will undertake rotations through the surgery, anaesthesia and ambulatory aspects of the practice.

Set out below is a brief outline of what the intern can expect in each of the rotations. On a daily basis no matter which rotation is being undertaken, the intern will be part of the morning and evening treatment team (includes nurses and stable attendants) assessing and treating hospitalised horses. Rounds take place at least once per day.


In this rotation the intern will assist all three surgeons in surgery and, when no surgery is scheduled, focus on referral lameness and imaging. Tasks will include:

· Pre-operative assessment and planning

· Drug administration

· Maintaining patient records and managing discharge instructions

· Teaching of and performing basic nerve and joint block techniques

· Teaching of and performing radiography

· Teaching of and performing ultrasonography

· Education in scintigraphy and standing MRI

· Report writing to accompany different imaging modalities

· Teaching and performing upper airway endoscopy

· Assisting in surgical procedures

· Post-operative management and assessment of all surgical cases

· Teaching and performing basic surgical techniques: Castration, peripheral regional perfusion, wound closure


During this rotation the intern will be responsible for all anaesthesia in the hospital. This will include pre-anaesthesia assessment and planning, as well as induction and maintaining anaesthesia or sedation as needed.

Tasks will include:

· Education and performing gaseous and intravenous anaesthesia

· Education and performing monitoring techniques for general anaesthesia

· Education and performing CRI for standing surgical procedures

· Fluid administration

· Catheter placement both intravenous and arterial for monitoring purposes


The goal of this rotation is to expose the intern to more routine lameness cases and imaging than just complicated referral lameness. Where possible the intern will travel with one of the five ambulatory vets on a daily basis. Tasks will include:

· Observation and assistance with racetrack practice at large thoroughbred and standardbred facilities.

· Assist with field radiography

· Reproduction - observation and performing rectal ultrasound examination

· Assisting associate veterinarians with ambulatory emergency work during normal working hours

· Collection and processing of blood tests using clinic haematology equipment.

· Observation at thoroughbred and standardbred racetracks assisting the official race-day veterinarian

During the internship, there is an expectation to present a case once every eight weeks. A case report or case series suitable for presentation at a conference, or inclusion in a publication, is a goal of the internship.

Veterinary Registration Requirements for Australia

It is necessary for the applicant to be able to be registered in Victoria, Australia. Applicants will only be considered for the position if they meet thefull registrationrequirements of the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria.

Unfortunately, the qualifications obtained from many veterinary schools in Europe, South America, Asia are not recognised by the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria and we will not consider applicants who cannot be fully registered.

Working Visa requirements for Australia

Ballarat Veterinary Practice will assist the successful applicant with the visa requirements for working in Australia.


Ballarat is Victoria's third largest city, with a population of over 100,000 and is located just over an hour by road or rail west of Melbourne.   Take a look at what Ballarat has to offer!

The Ballarat Veterinary Practice Equine Clinic was established in 1945 and is one of the largest and most experienced equine hospitals in the Southern Hemisphere.

The clinic is located adjacent to Dowling Forest Racecourse, and in close proximity to numerous high profile thoroughbred racing stables. Approximately 400 horses are trained on-course.

The clinic has two registered specialists in Equine Surgery: Dr Ian Fulton, and Dr Brian Anderson who are supported by ACVS trained Dr Travis Smyth.  There are also six associate veterinarians based at the site, along with a team of four interns who support the surgery and lameness clinicians.

BVP Equine Clinic is especially renowned for respiratory surgery and advanced diagnostic imaging including scintigraphy, magnetic resonance imaging, digital radiography and exercise respiratory endoscopy.It is also home to Victoria's only standing MRI machine.  The hospital accepts referrals form veterinarians from across Victoria and interstate, as well as providing service to local race horses, as well as sport and pleasure horses.

The clinic is complemented by five companion animal practices and a regional equine ambulatory practice.

Salary Package

The salary package is $55,348 per annum, plus superannuation and additional benefits which include access to continuing education and AVA membership.

A car and a mobile phone are provided.