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The Surgical Experience at the Ballarat Veterinary Practice

If your pet has been booked in for a surgical procedure, there are a few general things we request to ensure a smooth, trouble free, enjoyable experience for you and your pet

The night before

  • Please feed your pet as normal the night before, but if there is still food left at 8pm, please take it away. Your pet can have free access to water up until admission the next morning.
  • Rabbits are a special case. Due to their different digestive system, rabbits should NOT be fasted but offered free access to food and water right up until admission. We also ask that you bring in a small portion of your rabbit's favourite food to eat soon after recovery from anaesthetic

The morning of the procedure

  • Unless otherwise arranged, admission time is 8:30am to 9am at Sturt St and 8:45am to 9am at the Howitt Street Clinic.
  • Please ensure cats are restrained in a carrier or cage. Even a pillow slip or cloth bag is a good standby if that old carrier just can't be found! Similarly dogs need to be on a lead please.
  • On arrival come and say hello to our friendly reception staff and let them know you have brought your pet in for their surgical appointment
  • Please allow time (approx 15minutes from your arrival) for a member of staff to admit your pet, perform some pre-operative checks and ask you any relevant questions and get a contact number from you that you are reachable on throughout the day.

Picking up your pet in the afternoon

  • Unless otherwise advised, in the majority of routine procedures, your pet will be ready to walk out the front door that afternoon. We will usually send you a text message to advise that your pet is ready to be picked up. Alternatively we can give you a time to ring to check on when your pet is likely to be ready to go.
  • Major surgeries such as orthopaedics and emergency surgery will often stay overnight or longer. We constantly monitor your pet's condition and discharge when appropriate.

The first 24 hours afterwards

  • Regardless of where your pet usually sleeps, they should sleep indoors the night of the surgery
  • They can have a normal meal that night. Offer them half and then if they drop less than subtle hints that they're still hungry, by all means give them the other half!
  • Don't be too concerned if your pet is not overly hungry that night, but normal feeding should resume the following day
  • Your pet should be restricted from exercise. (We know... trying telling them that!) Vigorous exercise is definitely to be avoided and is the most common cause of post surgical problems
  • Your pet may be a little more sleepy than usual the night of the surgery but should still be able to be roused. If you unsure please call the clinic. After hours call (03) 53311533

The recovery period

  • Exercise should be restricted as directed, but generally until the skin sutures at removed in 10-14 days
  • For routine procedures in healthy animals, demeanour should be back to normal within 48 hours of surgery. For more involved surgery including orthopaedics, please refer to the discharge sheet.
  • If at any time you feel that your pet may not be recovering normally please contact the clinic