Bone Scanning (Scintigraphy) of the Horse at the Ballarat Veterinary Practice

The Ballarat Veterinary Practice was the first clinic in Victoria to undertake bone scanning of horses in 1999. Since that time the bone scan facility has been upgraded three times and 9 years ago a purpose built equine bone scanner was purchased built by the MIE company in Germany. This machine had software that allowed excellent images of the horse to be obtained relative to other human
machines that had been adapted for horse use.

The purpose-built MIE Equine Bone Scanner has been carefully serviced and had annual software updates over the past 9 years by the German technicians to ensure that it has continued to operate at the highest level.

Ballarat Veterinary Practice - Bone Scanning (Scintigraphy)
The Ballarat Veterinary Practice have performed bone scanning for nearly 20 years which ensures that when horses arrive at the
clinic for detailed lameness exams the owners can be assured of not only many years of experience at diagnosing lameness, but also nearly 20 years of experience using scintigraphy or bone scanning to assist in the diagnosis of lameness.

The state of the art technology provided by the MIE Equine Bone Scanner has been present at the Ballarat Veterinary Practice for 9 years now and will continue to allow us to provide first class lameness diagnostics for horses with difficult to solve lameness issues.

In combination with the standing MRI facility at the Ballarat Veterinary Practice, the ability to tailor make the correct diagnostic imaging choices for your lame horse is available here at our facility.

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Ballarat Veterinary Practice - Bone Scan (Scintigraphy)