Publications from our Veterinarians


The Ballarat Veterinary Practice has a very proud history of continuing education and research. Please choose the veterinarian below to view their publications.

Dr Brian H. Anderson

Dr Brian H. Anderson - Publications & Presentationsa. Refereed Journal Articles 1. Smith RL, Perkins NR, Firth EC and Anderson BH. Arytenoid mucosal injury in young Thoroughbred horses-investigation of a proposed aetiology and clinical significance. NZVJ 54(4),...

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Dr Ian C. Fulton

Dr Ian. C FultonPublications: Original Scientific Articles Barton MD, Fulton IC. (1980) Antibiotic sensitivity of Rhodococcus equi. Aust Vet J 56(7):339-42 Fulton,IC, Caron, JP and LeBlanc, P. (1989). Surgical repair of a bilateral choanal atresia in a llama. J Zoo...

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