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BVP Companion Animal Care

To the vets and nurses at the Ballarat Veterinary Practice, our pets are members of the family and it's important to us that they stay healthy and happy. Similarly, we understand that your animals are much loved members of your family and it is our aim to see them only once a year for their annual health check and take pleasure in giving them a clean bill of health. To this end, we only stock our practice with the safest and most effective healthcare products, and the highest quality diets. What else would we take home to maintain our own pets?

Family members do fall ill though, and they suffer injuries which can be life-threatening. In situations like these, we treat each patient with the same high level of compassion, understanding, empathy and professionalism to quickly relieve pain and suffering, diagnose, and treat, while maintaining good communication with you throughout the process.

We are constantly updating our equipment, techniques and building on our combined 70 years of experience in companion animal medicine and surgery.Take a moment to tour through the website and see what we can offer you and your pets.
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