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Inappropriate urination, thunderstorm phobias, separation anxiety, fear based behaviours and destructiveness are just some of the common behavioural issues that we see in the clinic. Busy modern lifestyles and dwellings can prove less than ideal for some pets and lead to the development of anti-social behaviours. Other animals have an inbuilt predisposition to certain behaviours.

A pet with behavioural issues can be the source of much stress in a household and can sadly rob us of the joy of pet ownership.

Most of the time there are multiple factors involved and the approach to addressing these issues needs to consider all factors.

A thorough history and complete physical examination is often the first step in helping your pet become a more settled member of the family. Fortunately, various scientifically developed behavioural modification strategies are available. Additionally, medication can also assist with the process of teaching your pet better coping mechanisms. Our vets are here to support you and your family as you face the challenges presented by a pet with behavioural issues.

Dr Ruth Duncan conducts behavioural consultations at the Sturt St clinic on Mondays and Fridays by appointment. If you have a pet who is suffering from a behavioural issue and you would like a consultation with Dr Duncan, please download or fill in either the feline or canine questionnaire below. Print it out and provide as much detail as possible. Drop it in to the clinic, or alternatively email to

Dr Duncan will review the information provided and then contact you to arrange a suitable time for a consultation.

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If you have any questions about how we can help your pet with their behaviour, contact the friendly team at Ballarat Veterinary Practice.

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